Burnt Faith - Brandy without boundaries

Burnt Faith - Brandy without boundaries

Burnt Faith is a brand-new brandy that is aged, blended and bottled in Britain. Taking things to the next level Burnt Faith distils their own brandies in the UK’s first legit brandy house using the best (and only) pot still in Britain.

Our friends at Contagious created Burnt Faith’s identity and bottle design giving them a fresh new narrative; committed to individuality and inclusiveness. We were tasked by Contagious to capture these feelings through motion, showcasing Burnt Faith as a brand that talks to a new generation of drinkers.

Aiming to build intrigue and spark conversations of a distilled brandy like no other, our reveal highlights Burnt Faith’s ultra-creative, stylish and energetic persona in each frame.

Check out the full-length brand reveal below:

For more on the brand and design of Burnt Faith visit the Contagious case study here - contagious.co.uk

Go get your hands on the brandy at Burnt Faith's site here - burntfaith.com

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