Fairsound Teaser

Fairsound Teaser

Pressing vinyl records isn’t cheap and doing a run of records can be really costly for artists and labels. Fairsound is a new online platform that allows smaller bands and labels to fund vinyl releases through preorder sales.

By removing the up-front costs, artists can get the exact number of records they need based on demand. FairSound then press the records and ship them to your door making it really easy for fans and artists alike.

We all love collecting vinyl records here at HSC so enabling lesser known artists creating reissues, exclusive live albums or whatever else got us really excited for this one! So with the team at Fairsound and comms and events agency Hanglands we were brought in to produce the launch teaser animation for the FairSound website and socials.

The guys at Fairsound we were really keen to show off the simplicity of the process and we settled on the three steps being ‘Create it, fund it, ship it’. We developed a stopryboard based around the Fairsound logo, using the yellow dot as a way of showing each of the steps.

Animatic showing animation sequence and planned transitions -

It was really important that the style didn’t look like it was associated with any particular genre of music so that Fairsound appealed to a range of artists.

Some early style frames -

We wanted the animation to be really snappy giving the sense that the whole process is quick and easy ‘boom boom boom’. Using quick momentum style transitions helped keep the animation seamless, flowing and always moving on to the next stage.

Big thanks to our good friend Hugo who put the cherry on the cake with an awesome natural drum kit track and SFX.

With snappy transitions, bold design and and by using the circle to help us flow through the story our animation demonstrates the Fairsound process in a simple, fun and energetic way.

Check out our final animation below … oh and go fund a vinyl too :) - Fairsound

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