Forward Play - Website and Motion

Forward Play - Website and Motion

Forward Play is an initiative spearheaded by designer and art director Eve Warren that champions creativity through football. To celebrate the 2023 Women's World Cup, 33 extraordinary illustrators were tasked to create a piece of artwork depicting trailblazers of importance in women's football. We were asked to create a website to showcase all the amazing artwork using payer cards as a throwback to the days of collecting up football stickers.

Each player card takes you to a player profile where you can find out about the amazing footballers and the artists who brought them to life.

Go check out our exhibition website for Forward Play here :

We also helped to bring the ident to life as a hero image when landing on the website and to share on socials. The ident itself was already really playful so we leant into this creating a vector stop frame animation with the letters becoming players themselves going for a header, a cheeky dummy and finally curling in a free-kick. Below you can see the original stop frame rough we used to reference the final vector frames of the animation.

The artworks created were displayed in Forward Play’s exhibition held at Colours May Vary in Leeds running from 27th July - 28th August 2023 including our very own contribution Tazuni which you can read all about HERE

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