Working with York Mediale, we built an interactive 3D web environment to be used alongside a physical exhibition for Akeelah Bertram’s ongoing project ‘Return’. This new online environment provides a space for members of the public to connect, collaborate and explore the ideas and emotions of losing someone close to you.

Users can record themselves speaking into their computers mic or mobile device which will be analysed to create a unique avatar with audio. This avatar can then be submitted to the space where it’ll live for the life span of the project, it can be revisited at a later date using a unique URL generated in the process.

If users don't want to create a Tribute they can alternatively explore others that have done so. With options to sit back and watch the world pass you by or break away to freely navigate at your own pace and listen to individual tributes, we are excited to see how the environment is used and grows through the upcoming workshops!

To book your place at the first Drop-in Workshop held in Leeds, please visit the Eventbrite page for more information.

Visit York Mediale for further information on this project and to stay connected for future project announcements.

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