The Sarnie Salute

The Sarnie Salute

Like many studios, we have a Slack channel dedicated to sourcing inspiration and highlighting great projects. But we wanted to create a way to externally share some of the ones we thought were really special and deserved more time in the limelight.

We often use a gif of Jack Black (from 2003’s masterpiece School of Rock, we salute you) to express when something is truly special on our Slack.

We wanted to make our own version to act as a homage to the original and as a seal of quality we can stamp on any work we reshare, in the most Sandwich way possible.

Since the Jack Black GIF is a choppy frame rate - we opted for to animate at a low frame rate to capture the vibe of the original

Keep an eye on our Instagram stories for whenever we post a Sarnie Salute!


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