Sound of the Studio March ’17

9th March 17

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Ok we’ll be honest, it’s been a while since we posted a new ‘Sound of the Studio’.

But we’ve got another trio of albums that you should definitely hit up this March…
Here’s what each of us Sandwiches have been listening to the most this month:

Andy –

My album of the month is ‘Jumping the Shark’ by Alex Cameron. I actually found him through a Primavera 2017 playlist and it’s been hot on my headphones ever since! My recommend track would be ‘Real Bad Looking’. I’s about a businessman at at a bar gloating about his business deals …

“I made a deal over lunch baby, yeah it was worth 15k. I show my teeth when i smile in a real matter of fact way”

Can’t wait to catch him at Primavera 2017 later this year

James –

Every now and then you find yourself going back to a classic album that you’ve loved from the moment you first heard it. For me this month it’s been Weezer’s self titled debut album (The Blue Album.) From start to finish this album is pure alternative-rock gold and still holds up 23 years later as a solid album.

A favourite of mine from the album, and up there with my all time favourite songs, is Say It Ain’t So.

Martin –

Hand Habits have been a new discovery for me and has quickly taken over my studio listening this month. It’s a beautifully constructed album with perfect riffs and lyrics for the mid-March blues.

Meg Duffy’s songwriting is on point and demands your attention all the way though – Check out “All The While” in your headphones!

Thats it for this month! Follow us on twitter and Instagram @_hungrysandwich to keep in the loop 🙂

Posted by Andy