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12th April 16

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Yo, welcome to our shiny new (empty) blog. This is where you can peek behind the curtain and see what being a Sandwich is all about.

For our first post we wanted to answer some of those frequently asked questions that are forever clogging up our inbox.*


Who are you?

A team of pals who are really into illustration, motion and getting up early for work every day.

What do you do?

We use Illustration and motion to promote brands in a positive way. We often use colour and character-led illustration and believe that taking an honest, lighthearted approach is the best way to communicate.

Could you be more specific?

Sure, we work with:
Web Development

If you have something in mind, let’s meet up for a sandwich (or two).

Will you make me a logo?


Do you make sandwiches?


So why are you called Hungry Sandwich Club?

We like to bring fun to every project and our brand couldn’t be any different. Known as hungry sandwiches through uni, the name just stuck. Who wants a boring name anyway?

Where can I find your work?

Press ‘work’ at the top of the page, its a hyperlink!

How can I follow your every move?

Be sure to follow us on twitter and instagram to see what we’re up to. Sorry we’re not on Snapchat…

*Disclaimer: None of the questions posted here have ever been asked, not even by our mums.

So there we have it…Hopefully we’ve been able to shed some light on what we do here at HSC. We hope to see you again soon, in the meantime why not give us a follow.

Hi Five!