Sound of the Studio May ’18

10th May 18

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What’s up dudes!

Here’s this months ‘Sound of the Studio’ featuring some brand new Sandwich pals!

This month we’ve got FIVE albums that we think you’ll enjoy this May.
Here’s what each of us Sandwiches have been listening to the most this month:

Winston –

For my first pick. It would be Awaken, My Love! By Childish Gambino. Although it came out in 2016, it’s since been my go to for jump starting my mornings and any projects. Love the dirty funk style of the album especially the track Redbone, which was used as one of the opening tracks in my favourite film of last year “Get Out”.

The lyrics are quite apt for the film. Gambino, also known as Donald Glover is in the new Star Wars Solo film as a young Landau Calrissian. So extra bonus points!

Martin –

My Sound of the Studio this month is ‘Nothing Nice’, my favourite track off Radiator Hospital’s last album.

The lo-fi guitar in this track is perfect and I love the way it explodes right at the very end. I’m a huge fan of these guys, so super excited to see them live for the first time in Manchester this week!

Marta –

My pick for this month is “Geography” by Tom Misch, which I’ve been playing almost non stop for the past 2 weeks.

I like the mixture of funk, jazz and hip hop in all the songs including some interesting collaborations with Loyle Carner and De La Soul. “Geography” also includes an animated cover when you play the album on Spotify, which is pretty cool!

Hannah –

My pick of the week is
Badbadnotgood – In your eyes.

Reminds me of old smoochy choons 🙂

Andy –

My most listened to album this month is The Go! Team’s ‘SEMICIRCLE’ which is jam packed with the positive vibes we’ve come to expect from the Brighton band.

My favourite track is ‘Semicircle song’. With its marching band kind of sound, it’s been a real Monday morning motivator for me. Although i’m not quite sure if it tops their 2015 album ‘The Scene Between’, it’s definitely been a ray of sunshine throughout a very wet and drizzly start of 2018.

Posted by Andy