Sound of the Studio – Sept ’16

7th September 16

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Whoah it’s been a while! New ‘Sound of the Studio’!!!

We’ll be doing random posts every now and again to share what’s been blasting out ( quietly playing… we have neighbours ) of our speakers this month.

Triple stacked club this month as we’ll be sharing what each of us Sandwiches have been listening to the most:

Andy –

My album of the month has to be ‘Los Niños Sin Miedo’ by The Parrots. The noisy, garage rock band from Madrid are on the the funniest live bands i’ve had the chance of seeing. They’ve become one of my favourite bands of recent years after first catching them at Golden Sounds Festival in May last year.

After yet another great show at Headrow House last week i’d definitely recommend checking out their debut album, it’s fantástico!

Martin –

Martha sorta came out of nowhere this year for me. On my radar since Courting Strong, the early singles from their 2016 release blew me away and I was totally hooked by the time the album dropped.
It’s been a personal highlight for me this year and I was stoked to catch them at Leeds best DIY spot Wharf Chambers last month. Go away and listen to Ice Cream and Sunscreen right now!

James –

20 years on from the release of his debut album ‘Endtroducing’, DJ Shadow dropped his fifth studio album earlier this year ‘The Mountain Will Fall’. Full of synths, drums and plenty of samples, Shadow’s newest release is ambitious, experimental and a super sweet listen.

One of my favourites from the track listing is the hard hitting ‘Nobody Speak’ featuring the incredible hip hop duo Run the Jewels.

Thats it for this month! Follow us on twitter and Instagram @_hungrysandwich to keep in the loop 🙂

Posted by Andy